Change Begins With You!

It’s time for us to get back on the winning side of things, and not just elections, actually delivering for everyday people Mandela for Lieutenant Governor. 
The Next Election is in

Thank you for all the work you did, and continue to do on behalf of the progressive values that we all share.

The combination of a Trump presidency and GOP control over every facet of state government — including the judiciary — from a perfect storm that threatens Wisconsin progressives and moderates. Donate, volunteer, do something, do whatever you can, to fight this destructive agenda. 

For eight years, Governor Walker has neglected the things Wisconsin families need most. He slashed funding for our public schools and cancelled or stopped critical road construction and repair. He allowed health care costs to skyrocket and put Wisconsin families at risk of losing coverage.

But he’s always found money to further his own personal ambition. He gave billions of taxpayer dollars to the Chinese corporation Foxconn knowing that it meant even deeper cuts to our schools, roads, and healthcare in the future. And he gave sweetheart deals to the billionaires and special interests that funded his presidential campaign.

Governor Walker is a typical politician who’s been there too long. He’s not working for Wisconsin, and we need a change.

The right to vote is the most powerful tool we have to make our voices heard as citizens. And if we want to keep this movement alive, it's up to us to make sure everyone exercises that right in November.

Working together, we can move Wisconsin Forward!

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