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Message Monday, August 15th


Representative Sean Duffy is refusing to denounce Donald Trump’s dangerous and delusional comments. Instead of defending the values of Wisconsinites and Americans, Duffy has decided to put his career above those he represents. He has now taken on the embarrassing, pathetic role of the Donald Trump apologist.

In an interview with CNN, Duffy described Trump's feud with the Khan Gold Star family as "just words," and this week while speaking to Theo Keith at FOX 6 Milwaukee, Sean Duffy blamed the media for taking Donald Trump's dangerous second amendment comments "out of context" while urging the party's nominee to "stick to the script."

We deserve elected Representatives who stand up for our values with dignity regardless of what political party they associate with, not apologists who allow common sense American values to be thrown out the window in the hopes of maintaining their political career. 

Mary Hoeft, Duffy’s challenger this fall, understands the countless perils of Trump and has called on Duffy to denounce him. As Congresswoman for the 7th CD, Hoeft would fight against the dangerous and divisive rhetoric of men like Trump and fight for equality, justice, and a fair shot for all.

Week after week, Donald Trump’s rhetoric is hateful, bigoted, and just plain disgusting. Republicans from all over the country have resigned from their jobs within their party, publicly discussed their embarrassment and shame over Trump and have even actively endorsed Hillary Clinton.

Enough is enough with the excuses. 7th CD Wisconsinites deserve better than Sean Duffy’s ridiculous justifications for the continually detestable, bigoted, dangerous, and asinine rhetoric of Donald Trump.  


Quinn Thompson

DCDP Communication Director

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