Change Begins With You.

We have an opportunity to turn things around in 2016 and start moving Wisconsin forward again. Help us elect legislators that believe in that goal and who know that Wisconsin children, families, and workers deserve better from their elected officials.

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Message Monday, July 18th


In 2010, Scott Walker headed a well-funded Republican takeover of Wisconsin politics, seizing both legislative houses, the State Supreme Court, and the governorship. His anti-education, anti-labor, anti-immigrant, and anti-woman platform quickly became clear as he launched attacks on public workers, blaming unions for the economic crisis. In the devastating wake of Act 10, Walker’s flagship anti-labor legislation, he proceeded to eviscerate state support for education, infrastructure, and social services. By stripping funding from public schools, highways, and quality healthcare accessible to everyday people, Scott Walker is targeting working Wisconsinites and endangering Wisconsin’s political, economic, and social prosperity.

Quinn Thompson

DCDP Communication Director

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