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Message Monday, October 12th


While I'm shocked by the recently released footage of Donald Trump talking about women, I'm not surprised. The disgusting language and behavior described by Donald Trump in the video released this past Friday is just another example of why he is unfit to be President of the United States.

Just as as Hillary Clinton pointed out in Sunday night’s debate, Trump has been showing us who he is throughout his campaign. He has repeatedly insulted and attacked women, immigrants, people with disabilities, veterans, and minorities, without any substantial apology to anyone. This also calls into question what other evidence is yet to be discovered regarding Trump’s unacceptable behavior.

Yet, despite all of this blatant evidence of Trump’s sexist, racist, and bigoted attitudes Wisconsin Republicans continue to stand be and endorse him.  Republicans like Sen. Johnson, Gov. Walker, RNC Chair Reince Priebus, and Speaker Paul Ryan are still supporting him. Wisconsin deserves better than this, America deserves better than this.

We need a President who will bring us together, uniting our communities to solve the big problems we face. And the only candidate that has a history of doing just that is Hillary Clinton.  

Quinn Thompson
Communication Director

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