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Russ Feingold Event

Russ Feingold is coming back to Douglas County! Russ will be at the Upper Deck Restaurant on Tuesday, May 31st at 7:30 AM. Bring a friend for breakfast with Wisconsin’s former and next U.S. Senator!

We have an opportunity to turn things around in 2016 and start moving Wisconsin forward again. Help us elect legislators that believe in that goal and who know that Wisconsin children, families, and workers deserve better from their elected officials.

Thank you for your continued support,

Memorial Day 2016

It was originally named as Decoration day but guess what today, it is the same, people do decorate everything for parties and celebrate Memorial Day enjoying their life up to the most.

Memorial Day is to remember the veterans who gave their life for the country the USA. Still some people still think it in that way, and many attend programs for honoring the veterans in the USA. This is not new there are Memorial Day parades going on throughout the USA on this day and many programs which honor the veterans and provide many facilities for the men and women in the army. We should not be so selfish that we leave the veterans in traumatic stage and keep on enjoying and partying on the memorial day itself. This is unfair on our part. 

If you can not go and help them at least greet them properly and thank them for the work that they have done. They would feel euphoric to have someone to thank them on Memorial Day. 

No one is stopping you from having fun, all everyone wants is you to thank and remember the veterans, and that’s it. Enjoy the rest of your day with pool parties or hanging out at the camp site or with an awesome yummy BBQ as it is the start of summer and we want to enjoy it for sure. But the only thing that I want is for you to remember the one’s that gave their life for your sake. 

Quinn Thompson,SGT US Army {1967 - 1971)

Honor Escort, Mortuary Affairs Oakland California 


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