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Message Monday June 20th

During his campaign, Scott Walker talked a lot about digging holes. Someone should have told him that when you’re in one, you should stop digging. 

Over the last six years, Wisconsin has fallen behind over 30 states in job creation, and was recently ranked 50th in entrepreneurism. Clearly, something isn’t working.

But instead of reversing course, the current leadership in Madison is doubling down.  Just last week they refused to require that new tax credits go to companies that keep jobs here in our state. It’s unbelievable!

Instead of more handouts to companies that ship Wisconsin jobs out of our state, it’s time to prioritize good local businesses that create jobs right here.  It’s time to increase incomes and wages, which will not only give Wisconsinites a raise, but will create more customers for good local companies.  And it’s time to invest in the education and job training that people here need to compete in the 21st century economy.

Six years ago we gave Scott Walker and the Republicans a chance to move Wisconsin’s economy forward – but instead all they’ve done is dig us into an even bigger hole…and helped out their campaign donors along the way.
Six years later it’s time to stop digging.  It’s time for new leadership in Madison.

Quinn Thompson

DCDP Communication Director

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