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Republican Legislators and UW board of regents refuse to hear consequences of massive Republican Budget Cuts to UW system



Here in Wisconsin, we’ve always been proud of having one of the best public university systems in the world.  With a massive cut of $250 million to the UW system, people around this state were rightly worried about what will happen to our great colleges and universities.  Unfortunately, Republicans in Madison seem to have little concern about the effects.


The Wisconsin Budget Project just published a report showing how bad the impacts of the cuts could be, and argue said cuts jeopardize the economic benefit that Wisconsin residents receive from the UW-System. Furthermore, it may take longer for students to graduate because essential classes are being canceled as well as professors being fired or leaving the UW-System due to the cuts.


It is clear that losing $250 million dollars has had a disastrous impact on Wisconsin’s higher public education system.  Our students have to pay more, yet are getting less and less each year of the skills and guidance they need to make it in the workplace. 


Perhaps Republican politicians in Madison should take time to read the study and see how they are dismantling what used to be the gold standard of public higher education. If they had any sense, they will do what is best for Wisconsin and reverse these cuts.

Quinn Thompson

DCDP Communication Director

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